Teacup pincushion

As previously discussed I am trying to get on with my Christmas craft and have seen some cool pincushions knocking around.

I saw somewhere online the idea of turning a pretty teacup into a pin cushion by stuffing the inside with sharp sand and padding out with toy stuffing and covering with a contrasting fabric. I had a look around and the best recipe for it I found was on Gingham Cherry but i prefer the overstuffed ones. I particularly liked these ones for sale on etsy:

felted pincushiontechnicolour domehot chocolate cup

I also found this really cool picture on Living Creatively and just assumed it was a pretty brooch (it didn’t have pins in!), however, the pattern is for a pincushion, either way it’s super cute and I will be making many of them, yes indeed!


I squirrelled away some simple but pretty teacups destined for the Dinosaur Derby crockery smash which I plan to cover with some flowery print material, probably a Christmas present for some lucky seamstress.


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