Vintage Coat


I got this last year from a freecycler, she was brilliant, it was near Christmas and outside their house instead of lights or decorations they had handmade christmassy bunting, something I plan to copy. The coat is around 1940s and such a flattering shape, I LOVE it.

Coat, side viewCoat, back view

However it needs  a bit of work, the buttons are not original and there are only two of them so rather than try to match them (as it’s not that nice) I bought some lovely faceted jet buttons from ebay – ooh pretty…(the photo doesn’t do them justice)

Old buttonsJet buttons

I also need to re-line it, it has a brown silk at the moment which is rather threadbare and ripped in places. The woman who gave it to me had done a pretty good repair job but I would really like to restore it to it’s deserving glory. I was thinking I would buy some silk to do this but I have no idea how to cut out a pattern for it (any help appreciated!).


I really want to wear it this winter but it needs sorting out first so here are a selection of fabrics I have selected – vote now for your favourite:

Gold BeesStreet LightsElephants

Minnie mouse polka dotJapaneseDove grey polka dot


11 thoughts on “Vintage Coat

  1. I now think street lights but you will need to be careful re colour of outfit underneath. I do like gold bees but what colour is its background. If navy that is still my preference.
    Your hair looks loveley.

  2. Street lights. Street lights. Street lights. But I have no idea how difficult or not a pattern like that would be to get ‘straight’…

  3. I vote against polka dots, also its only the lining so screw straightness. My favourites are the one with green in(japanese I beleive bec referred to it as) or the orange/red blobby lines – could be the seemingly popular streetlights.

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