Rag Rug

I’m hugely excited as this week I have discovered the joy of the rag rug. I have been wanting to make a proper hooked rug for a while but the only kits or anyhting else for that matter, that you can get have the most hideous designs of kittens or horses on a bridge, you know the kind of thing. So my mum got me a rag rug kit for my birthday, which admittedly was in April… I’ve been busy okay!

I finally got bored of having bags of clothes sitting around waiting to be cut into rags and in my slightly jaded state after SW4 I sat down to some nice mindless cutting up of t-shirts. The cutting is the boring bit (cutting millions of 1″ by 4″ strips) but that’s fine for watching, oh, I don’t know, Poirot.
Having cut up a load of Simon’s t-shirts that we have finally agreed he can do without and a load of my stuff, I decided on a rainbow as my pattern. As usual I can’t just have a go and see how it turns out. I need a ‘design’, in the loosest sense of the word.


As you can see I have lots of red, and black as well as some green, blue and yellow but I need lots more as well as some orange and purple. So if you have any unwanted t-shirts (as this sort of fabric doesn’t fray) in bright colours please save them for me.

After all that excitement I was totally unprepared for the joy of the rug hooking. You basically have a piece of hessian, you tack the edges then using your ‘proddie’ make holes in it and shove the pre-cut rags through.

I particularly like how neat and precise it looks on the back:

Rear side

And then it’s all random and shaggy on the front:

Rag Rug

Obviously this is another long term project so I’ll keep you posted as it progresses but all donations of the above colours are welcome. 🙂


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