I realise that the posts have been rather food heavy recently but I think that’s a seasonal thing. Knitting, crocheting, patchwork etc. are all stay at home on long winter night crafts. Anyway that’s just to ready you for the upcoming ‘harvest festival’ here on Lickety Split.

Before that I have made the delicately scrumptious riccarelli biscuits. Liz inspired me to make these, they look so dainty and sophisticated, perfect for afternoon tea with bone china cups and gossip!

This is anther Nigella recipe, honestly, she’s like my baking soul mate, everything in that book turns out perfectly for me.


So you make the paste, which as you can see the is quite dry, but that’s good. Once you have got this to the right, stiff-ish, consistency you need to shape them into little diamond tablets. Line them up on the baking trays and leave them to dry overnight (yes overnight – it’s really not that big a deal!).


You then cook them for about 30 mins. I slightly over-did it but that just means they are slightly less chewy.

Cooked riccarelli

Once cooked leave to cool and dust with icing sugar. They should really be whiter than this but I used golden caster sugar rather than plain, I prefer a bit of contrast with the icing sugar.

They are the perfect afternoon treat and have a very delicate flavour with just the right amount of almond. I’m definitely going to make these again at Christmas, in a little handmade box with a huge red silk ribbon, they’ll make great gifts.

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