Courgette Cup Cakes

Courgette Cupcakes

Are you desperately trying to think of creative ways to use a glut of courgettes? Either from your lovingly tended vegetable patch or (for the city bourgeoisie) your weekly organic veg box, it is most definitely courgette season. I personally can’t get enough of courgettes and use them in any meal going but even I have succumbed to the fear associated with an over abundance of said vegetable after getting them 4 weeks in a row from Riverford and some lovely ones from the garden of Roger and Phyllis.

To combat my infestation I decided to finally try ‘Flora’s Famous Courgette Cake’ from Nigella’s ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’, it hasn’t failed me yet. This recipe was rather complicated, consisting of two sandwich tin cakes with a homemade lime curd filling and a lime and cream cheeses icing, so I simplified it even further than suggested by making cupcakes with the lime cream cheese icing only – I think that’s plenty for a humble cup cake!

Simon is undecided (he said they were ‘alright’) but the verdict from the office is a (literal) thumbs up. I made the mistake of telling people what was in them first but everyone was pleasantly surprised and rather impressed. All in all I’d say a success.

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2 thoughts on “Courgette Cup Cakes

  1. Courgette cake whatever next! We’ve had soup, with cheese, without cheese, raw, steamed, roasted, made wine & chutney etc, etc but cake… Can you bring a sample please for us to try when you are here at the weekend.

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