Rope Floor Mat

This week I have started thinking about Christmas, it’s a little early I know but I need to get started on the craft to make sure I have time to create lots of beautiful, lovingly produced presents. So I bought some wool and some fabric and have a couple of good patterns to get started on. Obviously you won’t be treated to the delights of these here until AFTER Christmas just in case my recipients are reading (is that conceited of me?).

In thinking about hand-made gifts I have recently signed up for the Martha Stewart ‘Craft of the Day’ email on the recommendation of craft goddess and my good friend Lizzy Ruffles. In particular she mentioned this excellent doormat/bathmat/rug which is made using the ocean plait knot I, ahem, perfected on cub camp (see previous post).


I thought this would make a really lovely present for my mum, it would look perfect in the house in France, rustic (I was planning to use a nice natural fibre rope rather than this nylon crap) yet functional. You can find the instructions here.

But wait just a cotton picking bastard minute, do you have any idea how expensive rope is?!? The really nice hemp or manilla rope 16mm is about £1.65 per metre, even the horrible white polypropylene is 72p a metre, and guess how much you need for this quickly forgotten about home accessory? 165 bloody yards! That’s 150 metres and about £250 for the nice rope, £100 for the ‘cheap’ stuff – WTF? How is that a craft ‘for the day’, how many people do you know who spend over £200 on a piece of fucking rope? Unbelievable.

Anyway if you have 150 metres of nice rope knocking around that you don’t want or need I’ll happily take it off your hands…


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