Pirate Camp

Knot Board

As you know I was away last week on cub camp, cooking for 24 boys and almost as many ‘leaders’. Although I was very busy keeping my kitchen in order – I run a tight ship – I did have time for some piraty craft.

We made:

  • Eyepatches – lots of the boys insisted on wearing these all week despite the impairment to their vision. I can’t seem to find mine at the moment to photograph.
  • Pirate Hats
  • Treasure mats – the tea stained, singed variety
  • Rope – we have special ‘machines’ for this, and then they all walk around with their peice of rope tied around their waists like tramps
  • Rope coasters – these were awful, and really just an idea to use up a load of old CDs – how many pirates do you know of who used a coaster? honestly…  Anyway this consisted of coiling up your homemade rope and sticking it to a cd and then sticking felt on the back, brilliant eh?
  • Knot boards – to be honest this was the only craft I was interested in, we had a sumptuous glossy coffee table book filled with the history of knots, advice on how to identify different types of rope (much enjoyed by KB Matt) and step by step instructions on how to tie every know you’ll ever need. Most of the boys were obsessed with having a monkey’s fist, so they could hit each other with them but were incapable of tying one.There were some really impressive knot boards and a lot of the boys got really into it, you can see mine above in all it’s finery. I particularly like the ocean plait, which took me bloody ages to tighten up! I asked Simon if he wanted to take it to work to have on his desk but he didn’t seem keen for some reason.

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