Chocolate & banana birthday cake for girls

Hello peeps, while Kimberly is away being a pirate (best not to ask probably)…I’ve been invited to provide a crafty culinary delight of a post (hopefully).

I first made this cake a couple of years ago for my (then) new boyfriend who had told me his mum made the best chocolate & banana cake. I took this as a challenge and set to making the most rich, over-indulgent cake I could muster. Made from an amalgamation of various recipes, I was VERY pleased with the result, as was his flatmate who has since nagged me every time I see her to make one for her. The boy in question was not as excited about the cake as I’d hoped he might be, but alas, he and his under-enthusiastic ass are still on the scene today (and I’ve since perfected the cake recipe the way HE likes it – more of a loaf – BORING). So this recipe is the girl version in all its calorific glory, here goes:

cake 1

First of all, gather the ingredients (as shown), you may need to phone a friend to find out if 2 years past its sell by date is too long for baking powder (clearly not doing enough baking – surely not?). It’s then just a case of melting the butter on the hob, ‘gently’ pulverising the bananas (to the detriment of any wooden utensils), then adding them to the saucepan with the sugar and the eggs. At this point, convince any cat in the vicinity that you are not cooking anything involving meat (optional – you may be multi-tasking). Take off the heat as soon as you add the egg and transfer into a pretty bowl (must be pretty – have you met Kimberly? No? She’d kill me if I dared suggest any part of this process did not involve prettiness). So, back to the pretty bowl. Add the flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and some chopped up chocolate (the richer, the darker, the higher the cocoa solid % the better). Mix it all up and there you have it – your cake mix all ready to go in the oven. Line two sandwich tins with parchment paper, grease them (not necessarily in that order), remind the cat that they really shouldn’t be that interested in cake mix, fill the tins and put them in the oven. 200degrees for 30 minutes. Et voila, prepare for the fun bit……..
cake 2


Look, I’m going to make this easy for both you and me. Google it. Find the richest, most sickly recipe you can find. It must involve cream, lots of chocolate and probably some butter. Sorry Kim, I’m not being lazy, it’s just people need to learn to stand on their own two feet a bit. SO – spread a layer of the fudge icing between the two cakes and then add some additional chocolate goodies – mine came in the form of lindt balls in various flavours, sliced up. Sandwich the two cakes together and ice the top and sides. A tip here is to turn the top cake over so you have the flat side on top which gives that satisfyingly crisp top to the cake. Decorate with anything you like, I used silver balls as in the photo (obviously getting carried away and forgetting – again – that this cake was being made for a boy who doesn’t notice or care about stuff like that).

And that is that, a cake that is never going to be loved by a boy – I don’t know what I was thinking – but certainly something that will be lapped up by any girls in close proximity.


p.s 2 years past-its-sell-by-date baking powder is fine.

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One thought on “Chocolate & banana birthday cake for girls

  1. Oh my god this looks good, sadly I have never sampled said product so I cannot vouch for it’s tastiness. Bec will have to rectify this very soon 🙂

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