Geeky Craft

Okay, it’s been FAR too long since I last posted and I know you probably all hate me now and aren’t reading this in protest at my lack of commitment BUT, I still love you!

However, I feel I must break the news that my long absence has not been due to frantic crafting and has, in fact, produced NO new craft at all. Pathetic I know.

Anyway I found this hilariously geeky exhibition at the Bear and Bird Boutique Gallery in Florida, Stitch Wars! Don’t be disappointed you can’t go, there will be lots of photos up on their Flickr account (on 18th July when it opens). Projects will include a needle felted jabba the hut and a saarlac plush pillow.

I know this doesn’t even come close to making up for my lack of posts AND craft, I am contrite.


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