Yarn Forward

I stumbled upon this blog – ‘Yarn Forward’, a while ago but didn’t get around to reading it properly until today and suddenly realised to my joy that I could join in.

Basically it’s a collaborative installation art project (didn’t think I’d use THAT phrase once I’d left Goldsmiths!) at Manchester Craft and Design Centre, they have asked people to either knit or crochet a 7cm by 40cm strip, any colour, any style and are stitching them all together into this crazy mish-mash patchwork effect art work.

They say:

‘ArtYarn view knitting and crochet as an opportunity for individual creative expression and at the same time explore the medium as a way to make art accessible through participatory making and collaborative exchange.’

But check out the photos, it’s ace, like a modern day Bayeaux tapestry, and you can join in up until December this year. So I have dutifully knitted up a strip from a cute stitch I found online at KnitSavvy called ‘chevron flame’, I might embroider some pink flowers onto it to, just to ensure that it looks truly gaudy.


I urge you to join in, everyone’s panel has their name on it so in years to come they might pick out the strips of famous authors for use in a Persephone book, or find a future biennale artist in there, or even you, yes you.

It’ll only take you an evening to make one so why not? Hmm, why? What’s stopping you? Full instructions on how to take part are right here. Who knows we might be next to each other 🙂


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