Tea Bag Folding

No it’s not the same as tea bagging! Honestly…

I was at home this weekend with the craft queen Ange. She was actually rather busy with other stuff but she showed me a load of bags, knitting needle rolls and aprons she has made and a huge stack of fabric she has hoarded recently. I relieved her of some of it before I went home.

However, we did find time for a bit of tea bag folding, it’s basically origami but on a tiny scale and is so called because it originated from folding those little paper bags that individually wrapped tea bags come in. Ange had got a book from a charity shop about it and this is what I made:


This is a kusudama which is a Japanese good luck charm. it’s normally filled with herbs or perfumes and hung above your bed.

It’s very fiddly but the book had excellent instructions so it was actually quite easy and as you have to do at least 6 of any different thing you learn it properly rather than fluking it.


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