Beef Wellington

I made this for Sunday dinner when Simon and I were lolling around the house feeling sorry for ourselves and nursing terrible hangovers. Just thinking about it now is making my mouth water, it was freaking incredible!

I used this Gordon Ramsey recipe which is slightly lighter than normal as it uses mushrooms rather than patê. I particularly liked that I got to use many of my kitchen utensils and that it involved making neat little parcels.

I couldn’t get a big piece of fillet beef so I got these two little beauties to make individual wellingtons with, seasoned, seared, smothered with mushroom paste and wrapped in parma ham and pastry.


And just LOOK at the end result!


Okay it exploded a bit but LOOK at it, truly delicious, perfect crisp pastry, juicy fillet steak accompanied by garlicky, roast new potatoes and a crisp salad, if that doesn’t cure your hangover nothing will, even I managed a glass of wine after we ate.

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3 thoughts on “Beef Wellington

  1. Looks absolutely delicious – will be making myself one of those (perhaps not on a hangover though). About all I was capable of on Sunday was lying in a hammock asleep!

  2. “I particularly liked that I got to use many of my kitchen utensils”… There’s no hope for you, girl 🙂

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