Wedding Craft Special!


The wedding of the century came and went this weekend our lovely friends Liz and Mark put on the most amazing day, there was much to be appreciated, particularly in the little details and Simon made a huge effort to notice and admire these things which was hard work for him!

Let’s run through them all (or at least as many as I can remember/saw/knew about), unfortunately I didn’t take photos of everything which was a massive failing in my foresight for this blog but I’m sure my eloquent prose will render such vivid images in your mind to make pictures unnecessary…maybe

The first craft item I received was a ‘save the date’ card earlier in the year, hand cut and threaded with a purple silk ribbon it looked just like a luggage tag, very cute and an excellent indication of things to come!

So on arrival at the reception venue, which was this gorgeous old medieval building we were presented with little packets of confetti, no ordinary confetti mind, these had been lovingly created each by hand, the contents were dried rose petals from (I assume) Liz’s garden sewn with pink thread into a translucent paper envelope with ‘Liz and Mark’s Wedding’ on a pink (light or dark) or green card and finished at the edges with pinking shears, they were too pretty! I didn’t want to tear it open to throw the confetti.

After lots of Pimms in the courtyard we were invited to take our seats inside, rather than a table plan Liz (and I) had made escort cards, mounted with pearl pins on pink lined pin boards. You take your name card with your table number on and carry it in with you. All the cards were randomly printed on light pink, dark pink and grey card (always matching the theme colours!) and Liz had also made some cute, chubby little felt pin cushions for the used pins to go in, of course in the wedding colours too.

When we got into the main hall the craft explosion really hit me and it looked stunning, our place settings consisted of our favour boxes with out names on (again in pinks and grey), there were flowers along the tables all in old random cut-glass vases which Liz had been collecting, Peonies, pink roses, freesias and tiny little pink briar roses, each different so it felt very garden-like and vintage.
The table numbers had little quotes from Liz and Mark’s favourite authors and in the corner was a padded pink ribbon crossed board with a polaroid camera hanging off the back – much more fun than a visitor book. I imagine there is at least one picture of someone’s cock though…

The favours were the main thing I assisted Liz with on the craft front, mainly through guilt as it was my suggestion that we make the gingerbread, Mark was perfectly prepared to pay someone to do it professionally but I waded in with my big mouth and my ‘fuck that, we can do it’ attitude which Liz and Bec were always going to agree to, (see my previous post for the recipe and instructions.) but I think it was worth it.


They looked so sweet as both the place name and the favour they were the first thing people came across when they sat down and they looked so excitingly mysterious in their little boxes, Liz had bought simple white square boxes which had pink elastic in a bakers twine fashion tied around them so no-one knew what to expect – the two girls sat near me were whispering to each other ‘ooh can we open it?’ like naughty schoolgirls.
Inside was a little card with the story of how knights used to use gingerbread as love tokens, another little quote, Shakespeare this time, which Mark had found originally, and the recipe, then underneath the three heart-shaped pieces of gingerbread tied with a pink ribbon. They were scrumptious and beautiful, what more could you want in life?


I must say that a lot of people didn’t realise half this stuff was handmade, which I obviously made a big deal of pointing out to anyone who would listen/sit still for two minutes 🙂 and people were so impressed that Liz had not only ORGANISED the wedding (and Mark of course!) but that she had found the time to make so many little personal touches herself. Liz if I missed any of the craft please don’t kill me and feel free to edit as appropriate.

I must say, all in all, a bloody brilliant hand-made wedding!



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