If you knit, the time comes when your friends start having babies and suddenly you have a massive craft outlet which can be as shit as humanly imaginable because;

a) the kid’ll only have to wear it once when auntie Kimberly comes over and
b) it’s so lovely because you MADE it rather than throwing a tenner across the counter in mothercare.

A very good friend of mine has recently become a dad, to twins no less and so it begins…

I made these gorgeous booties from a free pattern on Saartje Knits, I used the leftovers of a ball of a cashmerino in grey/blue and a cotton baby cream, I just knitted slightly looser with the cotton wool and they are both about the same size.



When I made them I didn’t know what sex the babies would be but luckily it was a boy and a girl so these were perfect, I bet they look adorable in them (and no one can tell me otherwise as I have no photos – HA).


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