Chickaaaaaaann! Chicken doorstops to be precise, I have now created quite a brood of these little beauties and I’m getting pretty adept at knocking them out 🙂

I got the pattern from one of my mum’s craft magazines and it is possibly the easiest thing to sew of all time, but so satisfying and cute. So all you do is cut out two sides, an oval bottom and the felt shapes and then just sew it all up leaving a gap along the back. Whack a piece of card in the bottom, followed by a bag of sand, stuff, sew up and voila, a chicken you have.

These two are for my two ‘sister-in-laws’, look at them, all chubby and eager to keep your door open!


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2 thoughts on “Bbbccckkkkaaaakkkkk

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  2. Yay thats my chicken! it is carefully propping open my kitchen door, many thanks kim, you are a true artiste!

    From Jo

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