Coconut Cake

My friend Simon (different Simon!) makes the most delicious coconut cake which he brings to cub camp for us have with our tea, I’ve finally managed to get the recipe from him which he got out of a ‘really old’ recipe book. It’s one of those wonderful so-simple-it-works-every-time ones and produces this light, moist, fluffy cake with minimum effort.


Step by Step

2oz  Desiccated Coconut
1/4 pint milk
8oz sugar
4oz butter or marg
8oz SR flour
2 eggs

Step 1: Soak coconut in milk for 2 hours

Step 2: Cream butter & sugar together until light and fluffy

Step 3: Add beaten eggs, flour and the coconut and milk mixture

Step 4: Bake in greased / grease proof paper lined 10″ loaf tin for 1hr @ 180ºc
You may need to cover with grease proof paper to stop the top burning.

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