REAL pie

Simon is obsessed with pie but insists that the kind where you put the filling in a dish and add a pastry lid is not ‘real’ pie, he wants the lovely individual hand crafted pastry case to enclose all the filling so that it has the potential to munched straight from the hand.

We had a go at this having seen a tutorial somewhere at some point but basically we made it up…

So you make your pastry, just shortcrust but quite moist, roll it out fairly think and mould it around a pint glass or glass jar (flour it beforehand) then fill it with pie filling – we chose chicken, mushroom and leek – and whack a lid on it. A bit like the pie shop in Sweeny Todd but more hygienic πŸ™‚




Now I filled my ones a little too full of filling so they exploded in the oven slightly but they were freaking great and Simon made these cute little ones (he’s very into the decorating of a pie lid) which he delightedly ate for lunch the next day without a knife and fork!


Step by Step guide:

Step 1: Make pie filling – I generally just make it up as I go along but try either of these recipes for choice: Delia’s chicken pie or James Martin’s Beef and Black Sheep ale pie, if you are really organised make the filling a day ahead as it always tastes better after a day to allow all the flavours to mush together.

Step 2: Make two lots of short crust pastry using a little more water than usual, Delia’s recipe is best as usual but don’t bother doing half lard half marg, just use hard marg for the whole lot. (or you can buy it ready to roll in the supermarket)

Step 3: dust a pint class with flour, roll out the pastry thickly and mould roughly around the pint glass and then gently slide it off the glass preserving the shape. Cut out a circle of pastry for the lid and seal with water.

Step 4: Place on a greased baking tray and glaze with egg. Decoration optional πŸ˜‰

Step 5: Bake for about 20 mins at 200ΒΊC

Step 6: Eat all the pies!

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