Yesterday I went to the BEST hen party ever in Islington, some of the day is rather hazy but I do distinctly remember the part where we made fascinators! We went to The Make Lounge in Islington, we had a fabulous teacher – Katty – who talked us through the process of cutting, sewing and blocking the base of the headpeice, we then steamed it to bend and shape it and finally (the fun bit!) decorated them with feathers and bows and veiling bits.

It was a really lovely day with lots of wine and homemade cupcakes and scones and much competitive spirit (or maybe that was just Liz and I…) and I’ll definitely be trying this out at home. However, on reflection I think that my fascinator is a little burlesque for wedding attire, I picked the colours thinking vaguely that I could wear it with my red dress but I might just look like a cabaret dancer – here it is, you decide:



I’ll put up some photos of all the girls creations when I get hold of them and one of me wearing it properly when I’ve recovered from my massive hangover…


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