Okay so for my birthday my lovely grandmother, Georgie, gave me a family heirloom, a quilter’s geometric ruler. Still got the packaging and everything!


Georgie is a Master of Patchwork and I’ve been meaning to give it a go for ages so I decided to buy some fabric, I spent ages agonising over the gorgeous and hugely expensive designer fabrics on etsy but in the end decided I didn’t need to spend loads of money to make something beautiful.

So I bought some fabric from this great shop on ebay, Dungarees and Daisies which arrived today – how exciting! Really reasonable prices and postage. I also need some plain, maybe navy or black fabric to break up the reds I think.

quilting-fabric-11 quilting-fabric-22 quilting-fabric-31 quilting-fabric-42 quilting-fabric-5 quilting-fabric-7 quilting-fabric-61

There are loads of free patterns online and some good and some bad ones on Amy Butler’s website (also free) but I have a template kit for a Queen Charlotte’s Crown design qc-crown that came out of the bottom of my mum’s craft pit so I think I’ll give that a go – am I being too ambitious? I can just never bring myself to do the shit boring things first. With any new craft I want to do the complicated pretty designs, so it ends up with a lot of swearing and unpicking BUT it’s worth it, and I think I learn quicker that way…

Anyway this is another project that I plan to do a bit of every evening so I’ll post some more pictures when I have a decent pattern drawn up and some sizeable peices sewn together.


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