Rag Rug part 1

photo-71Oh my god what a fucking mission! Just drove to Woolich to get this fabric from a lovely freecycler, hampered on the roads by a closed road (diversion 1), an accident (diversion 2) and finally after 1hr 40mins of ‘instinct driving’ I get home to be denied entrance to my own street by some idiotic policewoman who, after interrogation, admitted to not knowing:

a) Why the road was cordoned off
b) Where the accident was
c) What roads still had access

What a jobsworth bitch!

Anyway this is what I’m going to use to make my rag rug with the kit I got for my birthday from Green Circle Crafts – it’s not a very good photo but it’s a sort of ribbed jersey so it should be perfect (and won’t fray), I just need some contrasting colours now.Iit’s going to be a slow burner but I’ll try to make a dent in it this weekend.


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