So today I decided, on a whim, to make some piccalilli. img_02402

My boyfriend’s mum got me the most fantastic book for Christmas – The National Trust ‘Good Old Fashioned Jams, Preserves and Chutneys’ book

We had a load of cauliflower from our veg box (which isn’t the most inspiring vegetable I find) plus some shallots and courgettes, the recipe says cucumber but i’m not that keen on it and courgette has the same basic make up so I used those instead plus some extras from the supermarket in the shape of green beans and chillies.

I chopped them all up and blanched them in salted water – Simon came in at this point and contributed his first comment of ‘fuck is that ALL going in there?!’


I mixed all the spices and a little of the vinegar together to make a ‘paste’ – hmm looking a little dense to be truly a paste but whatever…


Then I boiled it up to thicken (at this point Simon yelled through ‘that smells disgusting’ – what heartening encouragement!), You know how piccalilli in the shops look’s bright yellow and deliciously saffrony? well mine looks brown…


I think this is probably due to the addition of medium madras curry powder rather than the mild which was recommended but I’m comforting myself with the fact that this is a home-made, organic (mainly) chutney with no horrible added colours or preservatives – IT IS OKAY! You can’t tell me any different, YOU CAN’T!

Anyway after I coated the veg in the sauce it looks a lot more appetising and once I get it in the jars with some cute rustic labels and fabric covers it’ll look yummy, and taste yummy too of course!


I’ll post some photos of it all bottled up tomorrow – you’re supposed to store it for 2-3 months before eating to let all the flavours infuse but I’m going to try some tomorrow to test it. Then I’ll get the verdict from the in-laws in the summer, a perfect ploughmans accompaniment.

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